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"Liberty Wines does it Well" - Kevin Ecock

28th February, 2014

"Liberty Wines does it Well" - Kevin Ecock

A huge thank you to everyone who joined us for our Liberty Wines Portfolio Tasting in Dublin on Wednesday and made it our biggest and best ever!

We are very grateful to Kevin Ecock for allowing us to reproduce here his thoughts on the day.  Please do visit Kevin‘s Free Running Wine Blog to read the original post and more.

Liberty Wines does it Well

By Kevin Ecock, 26 February 2014

"I love it when a wine company is consistently excellent.

This doesn‘t happen because it has the best portfolio of wines. We have plenty of large companies here with incredible lists who seem more than a bit bewildered by the trade they are in!

It doesn‘t happen because they have the best selection of well qualified reps on the road. Passing an exam and putting your cert onto the wall is just not enough any longer.

Excellence is not a function of boxes shifted. It‘s a common difficulty with the corporates out there who think the wine trade has actually been commoditised - sorry folks but its certain wines that have been commoditised not the trade itself.

As for enjoying and then confusing your reflection from the pages of wine reviews with actually being praised for your work, well, self esteem and narcissism are often the wine trade‘s travelling companions.

I was at the Liberty Wines annual portfolio tasting earlier today. It was packed. We were served incredible wines by well qualified local, and international reps, who all behaved as interested and interesting people.

The thing is they did this last year and the year before that and the year before ..... This is part of what they are and not just one of the things that they do. Liberty Wines‘ MD and owner David Gleave MW told me that, ‘focus is key to how they operate‘ and that ‘sales have been climbing for the past two years‘.

Excellence therefore is combination of all of the factors above and more.They only become tangible if you are actually ‘doing it‘ and not planning to do it, potentially doing it or, indeed, intending or pretending to do it.

The wine trade needs more companies like Liberty who source the very finest, deliver it honestly and professionally and are there with their customers all of the time. My chat with David today was during the course of watching him help to keep the tasting room tidy - clearly well trained above and beyond the call of the cert on his wall!"