Kaikenes are wild geese, native to Patagonia, that fly across the Andes between Chile and Argentina. In the same way, Montes, the Chilean winery, crossed the Andes to set up in Mendoza.

Their vineyards are situated in the heart of Mendoza and further to the south in the Uco Valley, where many of the premium producers are now sourcing their fruit. The focus is primarily on Malbec and Cabernet Sauvignon, a variety that has been somewhat forgotten as Malbec has surfed one wave of success after another in the past decade. As a result, there are many old vineyards in Mendoza that produce excellent fruit..


My inspirational person

In Argentina our culture is all based on relationships, so living here means enjoying life and our friends. At Kaiken, our team inspires me, because they are committed to work and to nature. They have the experience and passion that makes it easy to produce good wine. Aurelio Montes Junior