Prosecco Superiore Spumante Asolo


Ca' Morlin

Finding a Prosecco producer with a Liberty profile - control of grapes, a...

quality ethos, one of the best producers in the zone and a wine that offers value for money - proved almost impossible. We eventually came to the conclusion that the only solution was to make our own, with the goal of producing a real Prosecco - clean, fresh, soft, frothing, uncomplicated, gulpable and above all, affordable. We've been making these wines together with Conegliano-born Andrea Morlin since 1994. Matt Thomson works with Andrea and a grower friend in a modern, compact winery tucked into the hills of this beautiful region. As of the 2015 vintage, all Ca' Morlin wines will be certified organic. The current 2014 vintage represents the final year of the three year conversion period whereby the vineyards must be farmed according to organic methods before qualifying for certification. The organic status of the Ca Morlin wines sets them apart from other Prosecco on the market.

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Glera grapes for this Prosecco are grown on 12 hectares of vineyards in Asolo, a sizeable quantity in this fragmented zone.


The fruit was picked relatively late and cool fermented in order to preserve the delicate aromatics of the grape. Both the first and second fermentation take place in temperature controlled stainless steel tanks. The 'spumante' style of Prosecco is fully sparkling, with more carbon dioxide retained at bottling. Due to the quality of the fruit, we have gone for a lower level of residual sugar than is usual with Prosecco, so the wines are drier and more drinkable as a result. This is reflected on the label, which states 'Extra Dry'.

Tasting Notes

Asolo, Valdobbiadene and Conegliano are the three areas that produce DOCG Prosecco. This Asolo Spumante is soft, scented and grapey, with delicious lightness and a long lasting 'mousse'. Perfect as an aperitif, it is best served between 6-8°C.

Vintage Information

Vintage NV
Grape varieties 100% Glera
Region Asolo, Veneto
Winemaker Andrea Morlin
Alcohol (ABV) 11%
Acidity 6.1g/l
Residual Sugar 15g/l
Wine pH 3.2