Five Minutes With… The Corino Family

Giuliano Corino took over his grandfather’s estate in the mid-1980s and was determined to move from selling grapes, as his family had done in La Morra for years, to bottling his own wine. After several years experimenting with the mercurial Nebbiolo grape, Giuliano now produces masterful expressions from the prime sites planted in Annunziata, where the estate's nine hectares are cultivated.

Today, Giuliano (above: top right) is helped in the vineyard and in the cellar by his wife Stefania (top left), son Andrea, and daughter Veronica.

1. We haven’t seen each other for a while, how was your 2020?

We had a good 2020 overall, as our family have been healthy, which is the most important thing, and safe. Obviously, it was a tough year. We spent more time working in the vineyard and the 2020s are very promising, but we missed having people coming to the winery to visit, taste and appreciate our wines. Commercially, things have been difficult since everything was shut down worldwide, but now with the vaccination campaign, we are seeing the end of the tunnel and we hope to get back to normal life soon.

2. What is happening in the vineyard right now?

This year, the season started quite late due to temperatures being lower than average. Right now, shoots are growing and we are starting to prune laterals and secondary shoots, which help ventilation and avoid fungus attacks later on. This will also help the ripening since bunches will be exposed to sunshine. We are also tying the vine shoots to make them grow straight.

3. Let’s talk about Langhe Nebbiolo 2018, tell us a secret about this wine.

There are no secrets - our Langhe Nebbiolo is a really sincere wine! It is 100% Nebbiolo, aged only in stainless steel tanks to keep the freshness and fruitiness that are typical of this variety. The grapes for this wine could be used to make Barolo wines, since they grow in vineyards in the town of La Morra. However, we decided to use fruit from the younger and less exposed vines to make a wine expressing the soul and the purity of a fresh and young Nebbiolo.

4. What is the most unusual, yet delicious, food pairing that you have tried with Langhe Nebbiolo?

An unexpectedly good food pairing for our Langhe Nebbiolo is fish, since traditionally this is matched to white wines. With summer coming, try serving our Langhe Nebbiolo a little bit chilled and it will surprise you! We find it works very well with white baked fish, such as sea bass or sea bream. But we warn you, you can become addicted to that…!

5. What is your favourite food pairing with the Langhe Nebbiolo when you open a bottle at home?

It is difficult to choose a single perfect food match for Langhe Nebbiolo as it is such a versatile wine. We personally like to pair it with pasta al ragù, white meat such as chicken, and also serve it as an aperitivo with salumi and other charcuterie. You don't need the dish to be really special, but is important to be in the mood for Nebbiolo!