Producer Focus: Charles Back


Charles Back talks to us about Fairview's complex operation of 600 hectares of vineyard that straddle a couple of South Africa's wine producing regions, as well as their approach to the environment, and having the world's only carbon neutral cheese factory...



"I've been working at Fairview for 40 years and Fairview's always been a work in progress. What's great at the moment is that our vineyards that we planted over the last couple of decades are all maturing and at this stage are producing the best wines in our history. It's not unusual to find in the Fairview portfolio a cool climate Sauvignon Blanc from the Darling region and a warm generous style of Shiraz from the Swartland region.

"Also very exciting for me at the moment is our approach to the environment. We've done a lot of work on environmentally friendly agriculture. We've removed all the alien vegetation and allowed the natural flora and fauna to come back. What I do not want is a desert of vines and it's important for us to protect our rich biodiversity."