Market Insights

Our market insight team helps you make the best use of your data. We can help you understand how your business is performing versus the wider market and identify opportunities to profitably sell a broader range of high-quality wines. 

Liberty Wines uses several data sources to build a robust picture of the aspects of the wine market that matter most to you. We particularly focus on understanding the premium on-trade and publish the Liberty Wines Premium On-trade Wine Report every year in conjunction with CGA. However, we believe that this understanding is only valuable to you if it is allied with a thorough understanding of your business. Consequently, we thoroughly analyse your data to best identify opportunities for success and work in conjunction with you to ensure that the growth in your business is sustainable.

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Unique Market Understanding

The wine market is fragmented, complex and fascinating. We build our own data sources to develop a robust and insightful understanding of the market dynamics. We work in conjunction with CGA to create a unique picture of premium on-trade wine sales and conduct bespoke consumer research to highlight how changing consumer attitudes are shaping wine sales. Our unique datasets are combined with market data from trusted third-parties to create a comprehensive picture of today’s wine market.

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Premium On-Trade Wine Report

We particularly focus on the premium on-trade. It is the cornerstone of many of our customers’ businesses and the sector many more look to as the source of future trends. Since 2013, we have published the annual Liberty Wines Premium On-trade Wine Report in conjunction with CGA. Our appraisal of the premium on-trade market has become recognised as the most authoritative source on this vibrant, creative and resilient sector.

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Unlocking The Value Of Your Data

Most of us are increasingly aware of the power of data. However, we lack the time to pore through the mountains of raw data our businesses generate to arrive at relevant and actionable conclusions. We repeatedly discover that there is a huge amount of value in analysing your data to help understand the specific opportunities within your business.

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Partnering For Success

Too often market analysis highlights challenges without offering solutions. Consequently, we work in close conjunction with you to ensure that our analysis creates relevant recommendations that help you to sell a broader range of high-quality wines without introducing any unnecessary cost or complexity. We regularly review our performance and fine tune our approach as required to ensure that our customers see the benefits of our support.


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