Our Team

The Liberty Wines board comprises six non-executive directors and two executive directors. Between them, the non-executives have over 200 years experience in the international wine trade, with on-trade and independent off-trade being their areas of specialty.

Executive directors Tom Platt, and Andrew Knott lead the 12-strong executive team at Liberty Wines.

Joe Coyle, Ben Reynolds, Joanne Hayes, Gerry Gunnigan and Marcus Gates cover sales across Ireland.

Executives & Sales

Tom Platt

Managing Director

Andrew Knott

Chief Operating Officer

Joe Coyle

Head of Sales Ireland

Denise Claxton

Human Resources Manager

Nicola Gutman

Company Secretary

Daniel Greenwood

Head of Finance

Alex Linsley

Director of Sales Development and Insights

Nicholas Moschi

Director of Buying

Max Hoang

Deputy Director of Buying

Ben Reynolds

Sales Manager

Joanne Hayes

Key Accounts Manager

Gerry Gunnigan

Sales Executive

Marcus Gates

Sales Executive