Trophy & Gold medal winners at the IWC 2022

The International Wine Challenge (IWC) has named its 2022 Trophy winners and we're delighted to see that National Trophies have been awarded to five of our wines, all of which are now in the running for IWC Champion Wine Trophies:

IWC Trophies

Portugal 2021 Harvest Update

In contrast to the hot 2020 vintage, the 2021 vintage across Portugal was characterised by cooler conditions throughout the year and resulted in a later harvest. In a year marked by lower yields across many of Europe’s wine-producing counties, Portugal went against the grain and 2021 saw an increase in yields versus 2020 across most of the major wine regions, with the exception of Vinho Verde where yields were significantly lower than average.


Liberty Wines alumnus Bruce Kendrick’s literary debut!

Many of our customers and producers will remember Bruce Kendrick, who was a salesperson at Liberty Wines from 1998 until his retirement around five years ago. Alongside his passion for wine, Bruce is a keen birdwatcher and photographer. He recently released a book of photographs, stories of his youth and his reflections as he returns to the places that kindled his love of birdlife and nature as a teenager.