In Conversation With: Andrea Pieropan

David Gleave MW chats with Andrea Pieropan, winemaker at Pieropan, a beautiful estate located in the stony hills of Soave Classico. The Pieropan family has been producing wines in the region since the 1890s. Pioneers of Soave (having been the first producer to bottle a wine with 'Soave' on the label in the 1930s), the estate is now run by Andrea and his brother, Dario. 

Andrea and David taste Pieropan's flagship single-vineyard Soave Classico wines: `La Rocca` 2019 and `Calvarino` 2019. Andrea and Dario's father Nino was the first producer to make a single-vineyard Soave, `Calvarino`, in 1971.

They discuss the different soils of the `La Rocca` and `Calvarino` vineyards, the challenging yet promising 2019 vintage, and the importance of working with local grape varieties. Andrea believes these indigenous varieties represent an authentic expression of the Soave Classico region, which can hold their own on the world stage. This is a “challenge” that Andrea believes has been “won”, as “indigenous grapes can now play in the premier league”.